Jada’s Jams: October


September was kind of disappointing weather wise, and despite the pleasant mornings, it was still insanely hot after school. However, October provided a pleasant surprise with 50 degree weather before school, as well as being able to walk home without exuding perspiration. I found that listening to these songs not only helps dissipate my sorrow about my inconvenient first-world problems, but has also allowed me to anticipate Autumn in its fullest. Here are my top 10 songs of October.

10. Pretty Girl by Clairo

Females of all ages feel this way quite often, whether they acknowledge it or not. The perception of male and female roles in relationships have changed immensely and I think this song really points out the misconceptions of how each person should act.


9. To The Moon by Phora

This song is perfect to listen to with your friends on a picnic, along with some other necessities, or on a speaker while watching the sunset. It’s unfortunate that the way people love isn’t expressed like it is in this song.


8. Fly Me To The Moon by Frank Sinatra

When I listen to this song, I feel like I’ve just walked into a very fancy Christmas party. It’s fun to sing with my brother in front of my parents during the occasional family bonding scenario. 


7. Already Gone by Sleeping At Last

This song just really pulls my heart strings and makes me feel like I’m sitting on a park bench reminiscing about my significant other in a movie scene.


6. Easily by Bruno Major

I usually tend to listen to this song a lot as I lay in my bed with my eyes closed and feel like I’m floating in space. This is also a good song for crying. 10/10 would recommend.


5. Locket by Crumb

This song is actually quite special for me because I met a really good friend through this song. It’s an ongoing joke that this song is our connection line. The cinematography of the music video is also absolutely incredible.  


4. American Boy by Estelle feat. Kanye West

A good friend of mine and I vibe out to this song in her car on our way to do something exciting, like her finally convincing me to go hang out with new people. 


3. I Don’t Know You by The Marias

This song is a new addition to my vibes playlist, and has quite a unique sound. The part where she sings “I don’t know you” gives me chills nearly every time I hear it.


2. It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You) by The 1975

There are no words for the way this song makes me feel. It instantly lifts my mood, and is perfect for any endeavor. 


1. Saw You In A Dream by The Japanese House

The first time I heard this song, I literally shook in my boots. Her voice is incredibly soothing and relaxes me instantly. The song in general is impeccable and is unfortunately underrated. 


Jada’s Jams was created with the hope of you adding them to your own playlists to create your own memories.