Freshman, JV volleyball teams finish season strong

The freshman and junior varsity (JV) volleyball teams had a successful season this year with the freshman team finishing fourth in district, and JV finishing with a record of 2-10.

“We did pretty good,” JV coach, Abby Arledge said, recounting the season.

Overall, Coach Arledge said everyone on her team improved, but her team Captain did the best. 

“Our captain, Taylie Fenner … was probably our best all around player,” Coach Arledge said. 

Coach Arledge didn’t recall any particularly hard challenges this season and said the only thing she hopes to improve upon with her girls next year is “being more competitive”. 

As far as the freshman team goes, freshman B coach, Adelaide Oun said her team did face challenges with the biggest one being the lack of players for various reasons. 

“We were doing good up until the middle of the season, and then we lost a lot of girls due to injuries and that’s at all levels,” Coach Oun said. “We had freshman girls being moved up to JV, and freshman B girls having to move up to the A team, and then we had ineligibilities so we had to end up combining both freshman teams.” 

Coach Oun said despite this drastic change, the team continued to play well during games. 

“It was really surprising because we still were doing really well with both teams combined with losing a bunch of girls, so I think we’re pretty satisfied.” Coach Oun said. 

Coach Oun recounted multiple girls that stood out this season, including Danelle Sumberaz and Jessalyn Brockington.

“I think [Danelle’s] going to be voted our MVP. She was great as an athlete and as a leader, she was always really, really positive,” Coach Oun said. “She is somebody who has a very bright future in our program.”

Coach Oun also had good things to say about Brockington, calling her the freshman team’s most improved player. 

“Jessalyn became one of our most consistent and solid players,” Couch Oun said. “[She was] somebody that we really depended on who just did everything right and played everything cleanly. She’s really good.”

When asked how she hopes the team improves next year, Coach Oun replied saying that every year with a different round of girls it’s always different, but the hardest part for freshman is teaching them “that the high school level is a lot more competitive”. 

“We always try to help them [by] showing them how to stay in it and stay competitive.” Coach Oun said. “[We try to teach them]  to just really value being out there, working hard, and working as a team.”