Jadas’ Jams: November


The end of November could very well be my favorite time of year, because that means it’s Christmas time. The following songs are my favorites at this very moment, and have been streamed by me for the entire month.

10. Maniac by Conan Gray

I have listened to this song countless times, and for good reason. I have certain songs that I like to listen to depending on how I’m feeling, which are usually the same twelve songs over and over again, but I can listen to this song at any time no matter what mood I’m in. I think that making a song like that is really difficult to do, but Conan killed it.

9. New Light by John Mayer

John Mayer is an incredible artist, and there isn’t a song of his that exists that isn’t good. Period. I dare you to prove me wrong. New Light especially is a great song because it encompasses such a wholehearted sound and the message this song has is really inspiring.

8. Circles by Post Malone

Stepping away from the previous depressing song, this song is quite uplifting, which is why I placed it after Find You. For this specific Jada’s Jams playlist, I decided to let the songs flow like how I would want an album to, because analyzing and understanding the feelings each song exert is a really different experience rather than having the mindset of where they would be ranked. This song is great if you want to put yourself in a better mood.

7. Find You by Monsta X

This song hits a soft spot for me, because a member named Wonho left the group recently for reasons that weren’t his fault. The lyrics make me feel like the members are singing this song for Wonho, and when they performed it live without him for the first time, they looked so distraught. It was truly heartbreaking.

6. 오랜만이야 (It’s Been A While) by 로꼬 (Loco) (Feat. Zion. T)

My apologies, but you already know that k-pop would slide it’s way in eventually. Luckily for you, the two k-pop songs included are easy ones to listen to, and if you like the music I’ve included so far, there’s a high probability that you’ll like these as well. I always find myself feeling very satisfied at how the lyrics flow so well with the instrumentals of the song. Just vibing out to the song is quality entertainment in itself.

5. Apocalypse by Cigarettes After Sex

I was introduced to this artist when I watched a video titled Daily JAEHYUN: Holiday of Yuno. To sum up the video, he filmed what he did during his vacation as he listened to lots of music. I really liked the songs he played during the video and was very happy when I came to the realization that we had similar music tastes. The song makes me feel sad, but I find myself smiling while I listen to it

4. Other People by Amber Liu

I’m very proud of Amber for being able to overcome her heartbreak, which is what the song is about, and I think she went about it a very healthy way. However, I was quite surprised when I watched the music video for this song because it is quite controversial when it comes to Korean culture, but is completely normal to see in American culture. Give the video a watch and you’ll see what I mean.

3. Maybe You’re the Reason by The Japanese House

I have mentioned The Japanese House before, and I won’t hesitate to do it again. This song reminds me very much of The 1975, which I really enjoy, but it also their own sound if that makes any sense. 

2. Love Talk by WayV

This is an incredible English song by a Chinese boy group. I think that statement stands for itself, because I was truly taken aback by this song. I would have never imagined that they would release a song of this caliber, especially in English, but it was a pleasant surprise nonetheless. 

 1. Nobody by Mitski

I have been listening to this song non-stop for quite a long time and it’s probably the most accurate explanation for how I felt during my entire high school experience. This song resonates with me in a way that I can’t explain.


Each song featured holds a special place in my icy heart, and has been the elevator music of many exciting excursions. I personally feel that these songs should be forever playing throughout the remainder of my existence, sort of like a movie soundtrack. It also would be pretty rad if Morgan Freeman would answer my persistent emails begging him to narrate my life, but to no avail.