Fans chart SuperM in top Billboard 200; days after album release

SuperM is a new K-pop group that was produced by Lee Soo Man, founder of SM Entertainment, through a collaboration with SM Entertainment and U.S. Capitol Music Group to launch the new global project ‘SuperM’. The group consists of Taemin from SHINee, Baekhyun and Kai from EXO, Taeyong and Mark from NCT 127, Lucas and Ten from WayV, which are all groups under SM Entertainment.

Rumors of a new group began a few months ago when pictures were released of said members leaving what looked like a meeting, and the group was officially announced by SM Entertainment on August 7. The First Mini Album ‘SuperM’ was released on October 4 and the group had their debut performance on October 5 at Capitol Records. It was announced on October 2 that SuperM would have a tour in North America starting in November, hitting major cities with more tour dates to be released soon. 

SuperM appeared on The Ellen Show on October 9, and recently debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 albums chart on October 13. This is an incredible feat, but I am not surprised because the fan base has grown immensely since debuting. The fans’ involvement in things pertaining to the group are very important because streaming music, voting for awards, or supporting the group in other ways can change the game for the group. 

As for the songs, I was pleasantly surprised and they definitely surpassed my expectations. I personally think that each song has its own aura and that in itself is something that’s really difficult to do because very rarely does it happen. However, it was expected of SuperM because they were such a highly anticipated group that they had everyone on the edge of their seats waiting to see what SuperM would bring to the table and what they would change in the k-pop industry.

The album contains five songs, Jopping, I Can’t Stand The Fire, 2 Fast, Super Cast, and No Manners. Jopping is the title track, and has such an impact. I don’t typically like rap, but the rap parts in K-pop is so incredible, and it really shows in this song. I Can’t Stand The Fire is unique to me because it opens with what sounds like traditional Korean drums, though I’m not sure if this was intentional. I really enjoy listening to it, and it’s sort of nostalgic because this song sounds like a song that Fallout Boy would have released.

2 Fast might be one of my favorites on the album because it shows what each member is capable of and I can distinctly hear each group that the members came from in this song. Super Cast is interesting to me because I personally wouldn’t have listened to this type of song since I drift towards ballads, but there’s something about it that makes it addictive. If you’re someone who enjoys trap music, this is right down your alley. As for No Manners, this song is probably the slowest paced song on the album. I don’t mind this because as a beginner in Korean language, it’s easier to hear each word and understand what they’re saying because everything is pronounced very clearly, even Taeyong’s rap part near the end.

Overall, this album could very well be one of my favorites because of the way they went about producing and executing each song. It’s really good to see how happy the members are because this year specifically in the K-pop industry has definitely been a rough one, but everyone in SuperM has done such a great job and they deserve the recognition for it.