50 fun things to do during quarantine


By now, all anyone is talking is about coronavirus, COVID-19, and how they might already be getting sick of self-quarantine or social distancing. The fact of the matter is, everybody has way more time on their hands than they know what to do with, and just like during summer break, boredom is the inevitable abyss that’s coming to get us all. 

Every year, my family creates a list of ’50 Fun Things to do for Summer Break’, and we pick 25. Mostly, the list contains places we want to visit and explore, like the zoo or the aquarium, but this time we made an amended version with activities that can happen inside the safety of your house, driveway or backyard. 

So without further ado, here’s ten of the activities from the new and improved, 50 fun things to do during quarantine.

1. Sumo Wrestling

This activity involves a partner and pillows, lots and lots of pillows. First, cover the floors with pillows to ensure that no one will get hurt when they inevitably fall down.  Then cushion each player’s body with pillows by sticking them up their shirt, front and back. Now we have two sumo wrestlers. The goal of the game is to tackle the opponent to the ground and keep them there for five seconds. Ready, set, go!

2. Cardboard Box Fort

This one’s kind of self explanatory. A cardboard box fort is basically the same thing as a blanket fort except made from cardboard boxes. My siblings and I used to do this all the time when we were younger. We made pirate ships, castles and cars. The best part was, that unlike a blanket fort we could draw scenes on the walls and decorate it however we wanted. Plus, it makes a really good skeleton for a blanket fort, so we usually built one over top of it. Be sure to wipe down any new cardboard from new packages, because the coronavirus can live up to three days on it’s surface.

3. Water Balloon Fight

This one is a traditional summer sport. It can easily be played within the safety of your backyard. Be sure to shower and sanitize once inside just to be safe, though. This was the first thing me and my siblings did to fight off the infectious quarantine boredom.

4. Life-Size Angry Birds

Oh yeah, that’s right! This activity also uses cardboard boxes, so be sure to sanitize. Build a structure out of cardboard boxes similar to the ones seen in the Angry Birds game. Look on the internet or ideas. Pick objects to represent the green pigs; balloons or stuffed animals work best. Next pick what objects are going to work as the ‘Angry Bird.’ I find again that stuffed animals or even soccer balls work best. Once everything’s ready, take those little piggies down.   

5. Write real letters to friends and family

Chances are quite a few friends and family members are also quarantined. Whether they live down the street or across the nation, it’s a good time to reach out and let them know they aren’t alone. A handwritten letter take a bunch of time and will mean more to grandma than a quick text. Plus, number 43 on the list is to learn calligraphy, so writing letters would be a great time to practice that new skill.

6. Water Balloon Piñatas

This crazy idea combines my two favorite party games. Instead of the traditional water balloon fight, hang the water balloons from a tree. Give someone a stick and blindfold, and get to whacking. Make a game out of it by counting how many water balloons a person can hit in a certain period of time.

7. Make a Movie

My absolute favorite thing to do with my cousin whenever we’re together is to make movies. Oftentimes they aren’t scripted and everything is ad-libbed, but it doesn’t make the process any less fun. We make costumes out of whatever we have lying around, and figure out sets as we go along. We typically design a plot before we start filming, but everything that comes after is up to fate. Our movie genres include, horror, World War I, World War II, Civil War and murder mystery. I know, I know, that’s a bunch of violence, but all my cousins are guys, but any genre is possible. Gather up some friends and get to work. Lights! Cameras! Action!

8. Flashlight Tag

This is a game best played at night. It’s a combination of hide-and-seek plus tag. Every person playing has to have a flashlight. One person is ‘it’ and counts while the others hide. Then the walk around in the dark using their flashlight to find all the others. Anyone hiding can run to where ‘it’ was counting, and once they get to home base they’re safe. This game can be played inside or outside, just be sure it’s super dark.

9. Make a Blessings Jar

It’s easy to get really upset, anxious and ungrateful during this quarantine. To combat all the negative feelings take a jar, cup or box and decorate it. Write any blessings or thankful thoughts on a piece of paper and drop it into the jar. This practice keeps positive feelings flowing. At the end of the quarantine go back through the notes. It’s all going to be okay.

10. Make a Time Capsule

This pandemic is pretty much a once in a lifetime thing. Chances are there will never be another quarantine like this in our lifetime. What a wonderful time for a time capsule. Write little thoughts from the days in quarantine. Grab special little trinkets and objects that will serve as memories from this outrageous time. Take a few photos. Put all of these things in a container and then bury it in the backyard somewhere. Years down the line open it, and remember what it was like to be in quarantine. After all, right now we’re living through history.


Hopefully, these activities will break up any monotony that occurs during the quarantine. Many of these activities can be shared with friends and family to allow for unforgettable memories. The more the merrier.  To see the complete list of 50 fun things to do during quarantine, check out our graphic below!