Denton streets chalk-full of artists

The Denton Main Street Association hosted the 20th annual Denton Arts & Autos Extravaganza on September 14, consisting of vintage car, truck and motorcycle shows, vendor booths, family-friendly activities and ultimately, the chalk art competition, Chalk Fest. Chalk Fest is a competition that allows participants of all ages to compete within age groups for first, second, and third places in order to win cash prizes. 

Creating art with chalk along the sidewalks of Downtown Denton not only presented a welcoming atmosphere, but gave people of all ages a chance to hone in on their art skills and challenge themselves in a fun way.

Arriving anywhere at 8:00 a.m. is rough, but having to drive around for 30 minutes desperately searching for a legal parking spot really puts the cherry on top of a hot September morning. Luckily, things quickly turned around, despite the 90 degree weather. Large families gathered around with their portable gazebos to block the sun for themselves, but conveniently for others too. After about an hour, the roads reserved for the 20th annual Denton Arts & Autos festival were filled. Children and adults alike sat along the sidewalks, completely immersed in their artwork. 

The roads surrounding the courthouse were filled with vintage cars and motorcycles, food trucks and bands, as well as an absolutely out-of-place Tesla. An immense amount of people were gathered at The Square, requiring you to squeeze through occasional gaps only to discover an even bigger group of people.

Sitting on the grass with smidgens of light seeping through the trees, the band, who was accompanied by a very energetic old man, was incredibly enticing yet serene. It felt like a scene from a movie. Attendees sat around, watching this old man dance for hours. He was captivating and seemed so happy to be dancing for the crowd that had gathered.

The festival as a whole was a great opportunity for the artists to delve into their craft and the onlookers to experience the difficult process of creating.