Cats: The Worst Film of The Decade


 I had no intention of ever seeing Cats, it already had quite the reputation of potentially being the worst movie in recent history. When my girlfriend suggested we go see it on a double date with our best friends at Movie Tavern, I decided the pros outweigh the cons after some intense rethinking of what had brought me to this moment. 

Cats, the award musical written by T.S. Eliot, was recently given its very own film adaptation.With a cast of actors to back it up such as Judi Dench, Idris Elba and even legendary actor Ian McKellen(Known for Lord of The Rings, X-Men and Macbeth) the movie was able to do what many other movies had been debated over since 2010. Cats officially has the title of the worst movie of the decade.

One of Cats biggest offences, besides its creation, is it’s horrendous CGI. In the original screenplay, the makeup and outfits worked, easily being noticed by their bright colors and attire. However with the movie adaptation, the CGI makes them appear like a monstrous amalgamation of man and feline. The only parts identifying them as cats being ears, a tail, and weirdly smooth ‘fur’ with the rest being weirdly human. This awful combination makes every scene an eyesore, and the scenes where they walk on all fours trying to act feline even more terrifying than before. 

It should be said that personally I find musicals awful nine times out of ten. That being said, Cats far surpassed any other musical I’ve ever watched in the worst way possible. The movie refuses to cease its sing song tunes, with most characters having no real development besides the three main characters. The story at times is hard to follow due to the constant singing, without any subtitles it was hard to even understand when words became drawn out or spoken at 100 words a second. This constant mumbling or extreme word vomit literally doesn’t stop until after the credits have rolled and the cleaning crew walked into the theater. 

The only enjoyment garnered from this abysmal movie handcrafted by eldritch horrors was laughing at how terrible it was, and the promise of leaving at the end of it all. I cannot stress enough how awful this movie is and I plead with those who read this to not go see it. Cats without a doubt deserved the title of worst movie of the decade.